Coin Buyers Club Pricing Structure

Coin Buyers Club has established trade relationships locally and internationally to help us secure Bitcoin at favourable rates. We are however not the cheapest way to buy bitcoin. Our goal is not to be 'cheap' but to provide excellent service and value added services for you. Please make sure you understand the fee structure below before signing up with us.

Secure Cold Storage

Bitcoin Storage costs:
Coin Buyers Club can securely store your purchased bitcoin on your behalf
We always recommend members store their own Bitcoin in a wallet only they have access to but we know thats not practical for everyone especially when getting started.

We use multiple signature cold storage wallets for this with physically separated keys. This makes transacting with these coins very difficult giving you maximum security.

Should you make use of the Cold Storage service the cost is 1% of the stored bitcoin per year billed annually from your balance or prorata when you withdraw or sell your bitcoin.
Your first 6 weeks storage is at no cost, should we not have a wallet address to pay your bitcoin to at the end of those 6 weeks the Secure Cold Storage costs will apply.