Setup a Secure Bitcoin Wallet

Choosing your Bitcoin Wallet is the most important decision you'll make in this space. Here's our recommendation.

Andrew Caw - BitCaw Trading

A Bitcoin Wallet?

To keep it simple, the Bitcoin community has used similar terms to
normal money for the technology that powers Bitcoin. Selecting a secure Wallet is your first step.

A wallet is where we keep Bitcoin. That wallet can be online (Soft) or on a flash drive type of device (Hard).

It can also be always connected to the internet (Hot) or connected only by physically plugging it in to a live connection (Cold).

Obviously the safest wallet is a Cold, Hard wallet. These are pretty expensive and worthwhile when you're dealing with large volumes of Other People's Bitcoin.

We recommend getting started with a secure soft wallet. The guide below will walk you through all of the steps to get set up and ready to Receive Bitcoin, and keep it secure.