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The ins and outs of our process...

Debit Order Runs
We will process a debit order each month on your account and collect the amount you requested. We deduct the costs paid for processing the debit order. These fees are outside of our control and may vary slightly.

For example, if you select the debit order to run on the 1st and it fails, there's a penalty fee for each failed attempt.

The value after the fees is the actual "Value" we receive to process your order.
We Buy Bitcoin
Once we've confirmed your order value, we will go to the markets and purchase your Bitcoin at the lowest rate we can. Fortunately, we process many orders at once, which gives us some serious buying power.

The Bitcoin purchased, less our commission (5%), belongs to you immediately but is secured and held by us on your behalf for 6 weeks*. Immediately after the 6 weeks* has passed, your Bitcoin will be transferred to your selected Bitcoin wallet.

We'll email you a report detailing the current transaction, the total value of your Bitcoin we're holding and the value of all the Bitcoin you've purchased through us to date.

*This 6 week delay is a necessity due to the ease of reversing Debit orders in the first 6 weeks after the collection date. If you want quicker access to your Bitcoin this can be arranged for EFT payments.
Receiving Your Bitcoin
We have two models in the Club. While we prefer that you have your own Wallet and control your own Bitcoin, we also can arrange to Hold it securely on your behalf. This is done on an off-line hardware wallet at a cost of 1% per annum.

Storing Bitcoin is a very important and somewhat complicated process. We believe it's best if you manage it correctly yourself, but have been asked frequently to assist with this process. If you ever store Bitcoin on an internet-connected (or hot) wallet it remains at risk of being hacked and stolen. This is why we use a hardware (or cold) wallet.

We cannot stress enough the importance of secure storage and have created a guide to creating and managing a wallet with the best security available online. If you would, however, like us to manage your Bitcoin storage, just apply online for full details.
Fee Details
Coin Buyers Club will secure your Bitcoin at the best possible rate at the time of processing your orders. We charge a fixed 5% of the Bitcoin volume purchased (or sold!). This gives us an incentive to get the best rate possible for you.

With this fee, the only other standardized cost is the debit order cost of R20 per successful debit and R30 per failed debit collection.

We may from time to time offer additional services, with a quoted fee per instance.

See our Pricing page for full details of our Fee structure
* AutoMagically is not really a word. It just explains what we do really well. Our system, for you, is automatic. But we do our best to make it excellent. So we call it Magic. Automagic is automated service excellence. We'd like to hear from you if you feel we mess this up in any way! And if you agree that we're getting it right, let us know as well!