About the Club

If you bought just R1,000 worth of Bitcoin every month in 2017, it would've been worth over R75,000 by December 2017. That's over 600% growth.

That's the power of Holding Bitcoin.

Our Background

We have a passion for helping people become financially free. In 2016 we achieved this for ourselves through Bitcoin.

Since then we've tried several investment products and businesses but over and over again the best returns have come through Buying and Holding Bitcoin. Bitcoin though is daunting for most people. There's a lot of noisy information which is confusing to us all, so most people never get started.

In 2016 we started a business with the vision: "To help people get started with Bitcoin". And it's worked for our many clients - mainly guys who already have some wealth. Our passion is to reach the whole community. You see, our average client there purchases R25,000 worth of Bitcoin per order. Our smallest order is R5000 and largest has to date been R2million. We know that 99% of people in SA can't afford that.

So we saw the need for an easy system for anyone to get started in Bitcoin at a cheaper entry point. We saw a chance to impact more lives, and an opportunity to share our knowledge and experience with our community. Coin Buyers is that system, and now you can be a part of The Club.

How it works?

It's easy to join the Coin Buyers Club. Our whole mission is to empower and teach people about Cryptocurrency and build a community of educated, secure Bitcoin Holders. Getting started is as simple as 1,2,3...

Step One

Create your Secure Bitcoin Wallet (see our recommended wallet host)

Step Two

Create your Coin Buyers Club Membership

Step Three

Start building your Bitcoin Holding and be informed through our Member News

  • - Tobias Swanepoel
    Hi team, You guys Rock! Thanks
    - Tobias Swanepoel
  • - Jabulani Mphalaza
    Hi team, thanks a lot. Bitcoins well received and noted. Thanks for your efficiency. Cheers!
    - Jabulani Mphalaza
  • - Lesley Caw
    I've been too busy to check out Bitcoin and nearly missed out. I joined the Club and have been building a holding in this exciting space while learning about it through the e-newsletters. I'm HODLing and proud of it - and thanks to CBC, I know what that means!
    - Lesley Caw

It's not too Late for You

We've all seen the guys who got into Bitcoin at the right time. Flashy cars and new houses right? And we've all thought we're too late.

Enter The CoinBuyers Club. We did the math and figured out how to gradually get involved in Bitcoin, spreading the risk over time and still benefiting from the long-term growth of cryptocurrency. We help our members buy a little fraction of Bitcoin every month at the best local rate, through a recurring EFT (Debit order system coming soon). We charge a straight 5% and send detailed reports for every transaction. We encourage members to Hold their own Bitcoin in a secure wallet but also offer a service to hold it on their behalf.

Our proof is in the numbers, and the trail of happy clients we've served over the past year. We're excited to open the Club up to the Public through our Debit order system (coming soon). Sign up today and get Holding.

Our goal is to grow our membership and build a strong, informed community of like-minded people. We want to see more financial security in the hands of our members.

Secure your financial future and join the fastest growing Bitcoin club in Africa today.

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To ensure excellent service and ongoing affordability, the Coin Buyers Club has been created to cater for Monthly, Recurring Bitcoin orders from R500 to a maximum of R5000.00. Where members wish to process larger or once-off Bitcoin purchases, you can simply email us. This protects the club from unscrupulous members and ensures our club is built with like-minded individuals.

As part of your membership, you'll receive our weekly Bitcoin updates, as well as information about special offers and club member exclusives. We'll also bring you profiles of additional Crypto Currencies and legitimate opportunities.

While Bitcoin is undoubtedly the most secure long-term coin for investors, there are others to watch. We want to educate and assist members in accessing these in addition to building a strong Bitcoin holding.

As the club never holds your Bitcoin, we offer no refunds or exchanges. We are not a Financial Services Company and offer no financial advice. All our content is merely a commentary on the market and must not be construed as advice.

Bitcoin transactions are irreversible. It is vital that you set up and supply an accurate, secure wallet address to keep your Bitcoin safe! We are pleased to provide a guide on this here.