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We believe that Bitcoin is the future foundation for the new global financial system. If this is true, Bitcoin is massively undervalued right now.



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Saving in Rands costs money. This is why we help people to save in Bitcoin. At the Club, we make this a pain-free simple process.

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  • - Tobias Swanepoel
    Hi team, You guys Rock! Thanks
    - Tobias Swanepoel
  • - Jabulani Mphalaza
    Hi team, thanks a lot. Bitcoins well received and noted. Thanks for your efficiency. Cheers!
    - Jabulani Mphalaza
  • - Lesley Caw
    I've been too busy to check out Bitcoin and nearly missed out. I joined the Club and have been building a holding in this exciting space while learning about it through the e-newsletters. I'm HODLing and proud of it - and thanks to CBC, I know what that means!
    - Lesley Caw